Kala Academy (Cultural Activities)

Pandit Naresh Malhotra
Play- Jane Bhi do yaaro
Pt. Shounak Abhisheki, Pt. Raghunandan Panshikar
Inauguration of K. K. Wagh Kala Academy
Padmshri Pt. Suresh Talvalka
House full Auditorium
  • An inspiration for Artists
  • Invite experts pan India

K. K. Wagh Education Society’s K.K. Wagh Kala Academy was inaugurated by the famous Artist of international repute Pandit Ajay Pohankar and the President of the institute Late Hon. Balasaheb Wagh, along with musician late Bal Deshpande and famous landscape artist late Shivaji Tupe. Balasaheb Wagh had a great love and affection for art, His love for art led to the establishment of Performing Arts and Fine Arts Colleges. Along with education, his aim was to preserve Indian arts, to present arts and to inculcate tradition in the new generation through cultural movement.

Various cultural programs have been organized continuously for the past 10 years through Kala Academy. These include music, dance, drama, painting and sculpture exhibitions, lectures, cultural competitions and activities. Pandit Ajay Pohankar, renowned Tabla player and Guru Talayogi Padmashri Pandit Suresh Talwalkar, Pandit Shounak Abhishekhi, Pandit Raghunandan Panashikar and many dignitaries including Delhi Akashvani Director Pandit Naresh Malhotra have performed their programs. Ravi Paranjape, Jayprakash Jagtap, Prafulla Sawant and many dignitaries including Sanjay Gulhane, and Pramod Kurlekar have presented demonstrations. Kala Academy has contributed significantly to the cultural sector of the city in the last 10 years.