Guru Shishya Smruti Abhivadan Spardha

  • 38 years
  • 1300 + participants from rural and urban
  • 40 + judges

In order to pay tribute to the late Deoram Sayaji Wagh alias Padma Shri Karmaveer Kakasaheb Wagh, the stalwart of the cooperative movement Madhavrao Boraste & Philanthropist late Ratansey Haridas Udeshi alias Kakushet Udeshi is being celebrated as Guru Shishya Smruthi Abhiwadan Spardha since last 39 years. These competitions are organized to enhance the hidden skills of the students. The participants are from both rural and urban areas of Maharashtra.

In the A. Y. 2022-23, a Total of 1400 Students participated from around 100 different schools of various boards (ICSE, CBSE, SSC and Marathi Medium School).

Welcoming Hon. Chairman Shri. Sameer B. Wagh, Smt. Shakuntalatai B. Wagh, Shri. Shivaji K. Nathe by Mrs. Amrit A. Rao and Mrs. Ashwini S. Pawar.

On the occasion of prize distribution, dignitaries on dais Mrs. Ashwini S. Pawar, Mr. N. S. Pachpor, Dr. V. M. Sevlikar, Shri. Shivaji K. Nathe, Hon. Shri Ruchi Kumbharkar(Ex-Corporator), Smt. Shakuntalatai B. Wagh, Dr. B. V. Kardile, Mrs. Chitra Narwade (from left to right)

Glimpses of prize winners of Rangoli Competition, Poster Making Competition and Quiz Competition