Family and Friends

Born and brought up in a Joint family, Balasaheb Wagh was raised in a nurturing and disciplined environment. It is rightly said “it takes a village to raise a person”. Balasaheb is influenced by social and progressive thoughts of his Grandfather Sri. Sayaji Wagh and Father Padmashri Karmaveer Kakasaheb Wagh. Balasaheb has inculcated rare qualities of endurance and understanding by inheritance from his kind, forbearing and liberal mother Geetai. Around 125 years ago, Sayaji Wagh, grandfather of Balasaheb Wagh, had arranged the re-marriage of his widow daughter-in-law. His progressive decision was well respected in Wagh Family.

Padmashri Kakasaheb Wagh devoted his life towards education and cooperation towards society especially Bahujan Samaj. He always provided motivation for work to Balasaheb. Balasaheb is a caretaking and lovable person. Due to his worship-to- work nature, the family responsibility lies on the able shoulders of his poetic and cheerful wife, Shakuntala. His daughter Manjiri Kawre and sons Sameer and Ajinkya got their inspiration from their hard working and dedicated parents. Balasaheb has four intelligent and outgoing grandchildren who are their grandfathers favourite.

Since childhood Balasaheb has earned and maintained strong friendships. His childhood friends, classmates and work colleagues hold a long term bond with him. He has wide ranging contacts. He has innate capacity to spot brilliance and innovation wherever he goes. This has earned him deep personal friendships with intellectuals in the field of education and cooperation alike. This has translated into frequent interactions of such personalities with the staff and students. Balasaheb Wagh always has heart to heart conversations with all. His friend circles enjoy his learned and wise company.